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Davair have been in operation since 1999 and in that time we have become a major supplier of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components and technology to the Irish industry.

Realising the need for high Tech support to the many high Tech companies based in Ireland, we have aligned ourselves with market leaders such as Proportion-Air, Clippard, SMAC, Norgren, Air Logic and many more. With the technical support from our suppliers Davair has been very supportive in the development of purpose built valves to overcome the many technical problems found by our customers in achieving the best results for their products. The areas in which we find ourselves most productive is where customers are meeting stricter tolerance in their product, and are trying to reduce scrap levels. We have been very successful in the following areas: the control of pressure/ vacuum from 29.5"Hg - 1000 psi. Being in a position to go to very high pressures and also having very accurate control in the lower pressure and vacuum range allows us many solutions to customer needs. We have also been very successful in the control of force, torque and position with real time feedback.

To meet market needs we are also very pleased to be associated with market leaders such as Norgren pneumatics and Comp-Air. This gives us a comprehensive supply of pneumatic products such as Actuators, Valves, Air Service Units and accessories such as fittings and tubing. From the Comp-Air range we have the market leader in Air Compressors, Dryers, Filtration and Air Receivers. Comp-Air Tool division are market leaders in air motors and air tools and many many more.

With the above family of products Davair has been able to offer our customers a one-stop shop for all their technical and product needs.

With our many contacts world wide Davair has been very successful in the sourcing of components from around the world. If you are having difficulty locating parts please contact us we will be very pleased to help you.

Davair also prides itself in pneumatic/electro-pneumatic panel building, the repair of existing systems and the upgrade of systems.

Aidin Davy of Davair Pneumatic Supplies Ireland
Aidan Davy, managing director of Davair Ltd.

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